Restorative Dentistry

Crown in a Day

Nothing is more beautiful than a natural healthy smile. We can restore your smile to an attractive, functional state with crowns, tooth-colored fillings, porcelain bridges and other precision fit restorations. We are dedicated to making durable, natural, long-lasting restorations.

Central Texas Dental Care in Waco, Texas offers beautiful crowns in one office visit!
Central Texas Dental Care uses CEREC 3D®, an advanced dental technology that allows Monte Cooper DDS, Michael Cooney DDS, and Nicholas Sager DDS to provide a crown in a day to our patients. This revolutionary dental technology produces a precise ceramic restoration to the tooth by taking a digital scan of the prepared tooth. Using 3D software, the dentists at Central Texas Dental Care can create a custom-fitted crown that is strong and durable.

This advanced technology removes the inconvenient and unpleasant step of dental patients having an impression made of their tooth. In fact, patients will not even need to wear a temporary crown in most cases or come back for a follow-up visit to have their crown replaced.

It is all done in one convenient visit that lasts a little over an hour. And with this technology you can have multiple teeth treated at once to save you even more time than having multiple visits to treat individual teeth. More sound tooth structure can also be preserved thus minimizing further trauma and the needless removal of healthy tooth structure as in traditional crowns.

Once you experience CEREC 3D you will appreciate the result. With hundreds of CEREC 3D restorations placed successfully in our patients mouths it has become the No. 1 choice by them and us to have their teeth restored when chipped or cracked teeth or large, leaky silver-mercury fillings are present.

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