Dental Implants

Our team at Central Texas Dental Care is committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients that desire dental implants. We have years of experience in the industry and with the most up-to-date technology we are able to offer comprehensive solutions to our patients specific needs and desires.

The Implant Process

The process of having a dental implant begins by having a consultation with our team to discuss treatment options.  During the consultation, the bone quality will be assessed to ensure that it is capable of supporting a dental implant.  If implants are the right choice, but the patient’s bone quality and/or quantity will not sufficiently support an implant, then bone grafting prior to implant placement may be considered.  Depending on the size and location of the bone grafting, healing can take between 4-8 months.  Once the jawbone bone is healed and is ready to support a dental implant, the implant is placed. On occasion, we will use a device known as a surgical guide in order to place your dental implant in the ideal position to obtain the best result possible. Most patients experience minimal  to no discomfort following implant placement. Once the implant is fully healed, a permanent crown is affixed to the implant, completing the implant process.

Implant Treatment Options

Single Dental Implants

Ideal for replacing one tooth or several missing teeth scattered throughout your smile, dental implants are considered the golden standard of care. As single dental implants are independently secured to the jawbone, they preserve the health of neighboring teeth by eliminating the need for bridges. Even more importantly, dental implants provide much needed stimulation to the jawbone, preventing bone resorption and deterioration.

All-On-4 Full-Arch Replacement

All-on-4 dental implants are ideal for patients who have poor dentition and are in need of an entire arch replacement or full oral rehabilitation. During this process, four to six implants are strategically placed throughout your arch. Once placed, patients receive a temporary prosthetic to be used while the implants heal. After the implant posts have properly integrated with the jawbone, patients return to have their final restoration attached.

Hybrid Dentures

Similar to All-on-4, hybrid dentures are permanently fixed into the jawbone. However, rather than restricting treatment to just four implants, this solution can use anywhere from six to eight implants to support the prosthetic. Often, this option is recommended when patients have experienced significant bone loss and require the additional stimulation provided by additional implants. Many patients upgrade from standard dentures to hybrid dentures due to the increased stability of the implant supported teeth.

Same Day Dental Implants

In some cases, our Hewitt dentists may be able to provide immediate implant placement. Same day dental implants require a higher compliance rate than traditional implants but allow patients to avoid living with gaps in their smile while implants heal. Patients return to our office to have their permanent crown placed once the implant has sufficiently integrated into the jawbone.

The Major Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are becoming one of the most popular treatment options for a broad range of patients due to the benefits dental implants provide:

– They offer virtually the same functionality and aesthetic of natural teeth

– They are designed for long-term durability 

– They can usually be placed in a short timeframe at the dental office

– They can offer full restoration with minimal patient discomfort

Our trusted team at Central Texas Dental Care is here to guide you in moving forward with dental implant treatment. To speak with a specialist about treatment options, or to book a consultation, please call our offices today.

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