Sedation Dentistry

The Safety of Sedation Dentistry

Michael Cooney DDS, Monte Cooper DDS, and Nicholas Sager DDS realize that nearly half of all people are apprehensive about going to the dentist.  We offer an option to our patients at Central Texas Dental Care to make them feel more comfortable during their visit: sedation dentistry.

Sedation can be administered through pills and allow to work on patients for a longer period of time thus possibly reducing the number of visits required for their treatment. This type of oral sedation is very safe and remains in the patient’s system for several hours after their appointment. This provides for a longer period of time for the patient to relax and feel comfortable. We receive few complaints of after a dental procedure when oral sedation is used.

How You May Feel After Sedation

Patients will often ask us how they will feel after their treatment. Often, they will not even recall their procedure, except for our preparations to release them to go home. Since patients are sedated and will continue to be very relaxed for several hours after their dental treatment, we require them to have a driver with them during their appointment and afterward to get them home safely.

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