A Guide to the Latest Myths about Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the more commonly available treatments for dental patients. But many misunderstand the value dental implants provide and the type of treatment involved in placing dental implants. Our experienced team at Central Texas Dental Careis on the cutting edge in implant dentistry, and in today’s blog post, we’re highlighting our guide to the latest myths about dental implants.

Myth 1: Dental Implants are Uncomfortable

One of the more common myths we hear from patients is that dental implants are uncomfortable in the mouth. While it may take some time to get used to your new dental implant prosthesis, as is the case with most new things, it’s very rare for dental implants to cause discomfort.  Most patients find that dental implants have very little discomfort after the implant is placed and are more comfortable for everyday use.

Myth 2: Dental Implants aren’t Worth the Recovery Time

Depending upon a patient’s exact circumstance dental implant recovery times can take several weeks, but that is not always the case.  In certain cases, longer recovery times may be a point of frustration, but it’s important to note the value that implants can provide over the course of your life. The average recovery timeframe for a traditional dental implant patient is three-four months, and this time is needed to allow for the titanium implant to integrate into the bone.  Considering the relative permanence provided by implants, waiting a few more weeks is well worth it to provide the best long-term result for your dental health investment.


Myth 3: Dental implants are too expensive

Compared to other treatment options, dental implants are a far more cost-effective option. Compared to a dental bridge, dental implants have a 21% improved success rate and the supporting teeth of a bridge typically fail due to having a cavity, which means either the bridge will need to be redone or you are now looking at implants as your only fixed option.  . Partial dentures have a 28.5% failure rate in the first 5 years and 44% of those people lose a supporting tooth after 12 years..So while implants do seem expensive initially, the success rate and excellent long-term prognosis are a much better value.

Myth 4: Dental implants require a lot of maintenance

Many patients assume that dental implants require a lot of upkeep. However, once they are placed and restored, implants are actually quite simple to care for. In fact, implants require the same care you would provide a normal tooth through brushing and flossing without the need for special equipment.  Shortly after placement, you might schedule a few appointments with your dentist to ensure the implant is performing as it should, but then having them checked at regular cleanings and checkups is really all that is necessary.

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