TMJ Treatment in Hewitt, TX

Many of you have probably heard of TMJ and a good number of you have experienced symptoms related to the TMJ, even if you didn’t know it. TMJ stands for the temporo-mandibular joint more commonly known as the jaw joint. When people say they have TMJ, they really mean they have a TMJ problem. (We all have two TMJs).

Symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) 

When something is amiss in the TMJ, a wide variety of symptoms can occur. In fact, TMJ problems can mimic earaches, toothaches, neck aches, and other frequently occurring different body problems. However, the most common symptoms associated with a sick TMJ are headaches and they can range from irritating to debilitating. Headaches can have many causes including trauma, tumors, aneurysms, food allergies, seasonal allergies (especially in Central Texas), earaches, vision problems, and inherited tendencies to migraines.

Although TMJ therapy is not directed to any of these causative agents, it can greatly reduce the intensity, duration, and frequency of even migraine headaches. This is because most headache sufferers have more than one causative agent involved and by removing one major factor-TMJ problems-patients improve dramatically. As a benchmark, two headaches per month is considered normal.

Other symptoms that might indicate a TMJ problem are: ringing in the ears, limited opening of the jaws, deviation of the jaw to one side when opening, pain in front of the ears, and a popping or clicking of the joint itself.

Treatment for TMJ Problems

Treatment for TMJ varies greatly depending on the circumstances of each case. It might be as simple as a mouth guard to be worn at night time only. It could also be as complicated as a full repositioning of the lower jaw, followed by either orthodontics or extensive crown work to support and maintain this new position.

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