CEREC One-Visit Crowns in Hewitt, TX

Many patients may be concerned about getting a crown, but thanks to modern technology we can offer a porcelain crown in just a day. The CEREC 3D® crown allows us to restore your healthy smile with esthetic, durable ceramic that is precisely bonded to the natural tooth.

CEREC uses 3D computer technology to design, fabricate and cement a new porcelain crown in just one visit for most patients. This procedure once took two weeks requiring several impressions and temporary crowns.

With a digital scan, our dentists can design and produce a custom crown of high-quality porcelain in less than an hour. The image is transmitted to a special milling device to produce a precision crown that is measure in microns allowing for an exact fit.

“We believe the CEREC crown is the best product in restorative dentistry, and one we are proud to offer to our patients. We strive to provide state-of-the-art technology so that our patients receive the best possible care with the least amount of time and discomfort.”

This treatment can be applied to multiple teeth in one visit. In fact, our patients prefer CEREC for restorative dentistry involving chipped or cracked teeth or old silver mercury fillings.

A durable, natural restoration is best way to a beautiful healthy smile!

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