Our Hewitt Patient’s Floss Boss Tips

    • Keep your floss in the car with you, for after the restaurant meal ~ at breakfast ~ noon ~ or dinner ~ you will be able to smile uncluttered by debris after you floss all the yucky food particles out from between your teeth.
      Extra tip:You might wish to also keep hand or wet-wipes in the car for cleaning your hands after you floss!
    • Flossing in the smallest thing you can do for healthy teeth and gums! It is also the greatest thing you can do!Take a few seconds and floss-away that bacteria in your mouth!! See that isn’t so difficult… right?!!
    • Even if you haven’t been a habitual FLOSSER… you can start today and restore your gums…
      The result… a fresher, cleaner smile! Be good to your teeth… be good to yourself!!


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