The Benefits of Smiling


How Smiling Improves Your Health

The toll that missing teeth can have on your health and self-confidence can be tremendous. However, it’s important to know that smiling despite these challenges can have significant, positive effects on your life.

Smiling has been connected to several health benefits that may surprise you. Read our guide below to learn more about the impact that smiling can have on all aspects of your life.


Reduce Stress

Stress can take all of our focus and attention away from the things that matter most in our lives. When you’re spending your time trying to deal with stress, your general productivity declines, and your health suffers as well. Stress increases your risk of serious health conditions like heart disease and high blood pressure. 

Fortunately, smiling and laughing have been found to alleviate these risks. Smiling and laughing promote healthier blood flow and heart rate, meaning these simple activities offer fantastic benefits to your health!


Improve Your Mood

We understand that it can feel overwhelming and difficult to bring yourself to laugh or smile when you’re feeling down, but even the act of smiling can impact your mood and emotions.

When we smile, our brain releases endorphins like dopamine, a chemical connected to increased positive thoughts and emotions. Our body is biologically designed to respond to smiling with positivity. So even though you might not feel like a smile represents how you feel at the time, it’ll still help.


Boost Your Confidence

We are naturally social creatures, drawn to other people and forming tribes and groups. Our brains recognize smiles as invitations to become friends and socialize. If you feel self-conscious about your smile and hide it away, it can impact how others see you and eventually how you see yourself. 

Don’t worry about your appearance; a smile is proven to make you look friendlier and more approachable no matter what!


Improve Your Physical Health

Not only does smiling promote heart health, it boosts the immune system and helps prevent several aches and illnesses. 

Other endorphins that release when you smile include ones that fight against disease, and laughter acts as a painkiller for general illness. The more positive you are, the better your overall health!


Visit Dr. Sager to Smile More

If you have missing teeth, you may hesitate to smile in public. Dr. Sager believes that everyone deserves to benefit from a happy, healthy smile. No matter how many teeth you’re missing, he’ll find a solution that restores health and beauty to your smile.

Call our Hewitt office at 254-203-7405 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Sager today.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to smile more often?

Simply deciding to smile is enough to benefit from the many mood-elevating effects. You can make a conscious effort to exercise your smile, whether you’re alone or in social settings. But for a smile that comes easily and naturally, the best strategy is to prioritize your personal happiness.

Take stock of the hobbies and activities that give you joy and make time for them. Try new things and discover new interests, but don’t forget to find quiet moments for rest, relaxation, and mindful reflection. Surround yourself with people who support your happiness and make you feel comfortable being yourself. Find someone you trust and discuss your concerns, problems, and solutions.

Lifestyle choices that emphasize your health and wellness also help foster a happy, fulfilling life. Take care of yourself by sticking to a healthy diet and getting enough sunshine and exercise. Don’t forget to make quality dental care an important part of your personal wellness plan. You’ll be encouraged to share your well-maintained smile to the world, whether you’re addressing oral health needs or enhancing your appearance with cosmetic treatment!


What if missing teeth are keeping me from sharing my smile?

Everyone looks better with a smile! But if missing teeth or dentures have you hiding your teeth, Dr. Sager is here to help.

Dental implant restorations can give you back all the confidence and health benefits that come from strong, beautiful teeth. With a reliable treatment plan, you’ll put dental issues behind you and take strides towards supporting your overall health and enhancing your appearance. Soon, you’ll be sharing your smile with a newfound confidence.

Schedule a consultation today and find out why dental implants are the gold standard in dental restorations. Your dazzling new smile is waiting, and it’s easier to achieve than you might think!

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